"On redesigning the system"

This piece by Mat Dryhurst on power, independence, and the music industry challenges the “indie” paradigm — what does independence truly mean for artists, creators, workers, if it means surrendering collective power?

The music industry is a long way from what we do at Mightier, but this is exactly what we’re curious about. How can we remain independent while committing to collective success? What new and better ways of working can we find? We may only re-discover the wheel, but maybe we can at least make it roll a little smoother.

What I want to invite people to do is to say: “Look at the protocol of how you act”—and of course the protocol can be a technical thing, or it could be a non-technical thing—and say, “How do we make this somewhat better?” And better for me always comes down to more cooperative structures, it comes down to equitable distribution of resources and of wealth.

Dawn McCarra Bass